A systemic approach to reducing corruption in Nigeria

Welcome to bribenigeria.com A systematic approach to reducing corruption in Nigeria.

Causes of corruption in Nigeria
1. Weak Government institutions
2. Poor pay incentives
3. Lack of openness and Transparency in public service
4. Absence of key anti corruption tools
5. Ineffective political processes
6. Culture and acceptance of corruption by the populace
7. Absence of effective political financing Poverty
8. Ethnic and religious difference Resource scramble

The fight against corruption in Nigeria is not working because of the following factors:
1. Insincerity of Government
2. Pre bargaining and Negotiation, highly placed officials caught of corrupt practices are made to part with some of their looted funds and are thereafter set free.
3. Low deterrent- the punitive measures for corrupt practices need to be strengthened
4. Lack of virile political and social movements to tackle corruption. The mass of the people are yet to be mobilises in the fight against corruption
5. Lack of access to public information. A lot of secrecy still pervades Government documents, and this underlies the need for the passage of the freedom of Information Bill presently before Nigeria’s National Assembly.
6. Insecurity of Informants. There is a need to enact laws to protect informants as well as reward them
7. Low public participation in Governance
8. Corrupt Electoral system
9. Nepotism
10. Systemic disorder
11. Weak Government Institutions

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4 Responses to A systemic approach to reducing corruption in Nigeria

  1. david says:

    I hate to tell you this: but many people in Nigeria are lazy. All they want is “a cut” here and “a cut” there. They don’t want to do any business, and tend it to fruition. Imagine that after 50 years of oil exploration, we still depend on foreign based companies to drill the oil for us. What a shame!

    • Hi David,
      I agree with you. The masses are yet to be involved in the fight against corruption, if the political will is there and the masses join the movement, we will effective fight the culture of corruption in Nigeria and take our fight together to the goverment. We shall overcome.

  2. agbo joseph says:

    my brother that is very true, and another major problem is that there no time Nigerian govt will carry out an investigation and make it open
    they keep hiding those stealing our money. the govt( officers) also pretends too much . God will help us one day.

  3. DELE says:

    The best way to deal with corruption in Nigeria is to make some people scape goats .Writing academic papers to combat this cancer is a waste of time. Look at Ghana, it may not be completely corruption free but anyone in goverment or private institutions in Ghana today would think twice before stealing having learnt from Rawling’ s revolutionary approach. The troublers of Nigeria are less than a thousand, if we can behead them or tie them to lorries and pull them through the streets of the hq of their local goverements untill vulture eat their flesh, trust me there will be peace and we would not need to send our children to Ghana to attend schools and we would not need to run abroad due to hardship at home.