About us

BribeNigeria.com is a mass movement founded by Leonard Chijioke Raphael in July 2011, that empowers every Nigerian citizen to report their bribe stories on the website. Towards fighting corruption in Nigeria. BribeNigeria.com is legally managed by Attitude Adjustment a non-profit that works for improving the quality of citizenship and human dignity globally and our team of Advisory board includes: Tokini Karibi-Whyte, and Leonard Chijioke Raphael

Bribenigeria.com Team thinks if Nigerians can come out today in mass and report every corruption or bribe case, anonymously or not, we can at least bring the culprits to public justice and hold them accountable for their deeds. The more detail you provide makes it easier to move your complaint forward, the helpless citizens now have a free medium to fight back.

With our highly computed bribe analytic you can now uncover the true economic impact of bribery in Nigeria.

Our intentions are not political but out of an innate responsibility to deal with the scourge of democracy which has destroyed the fabric of our nations development. We are using this site as a tool to raise more awareness on corruption and to fight corruption through the experiences of individuals and organizations. Tell us your bribe story today! Together we can make a difference.

BribeNigeria.com will also take the movement offline and to the political front to fight corruption at every corner of our Nation. Our future generation can only be treated with respect if our actions today are guided by sincerity, humility, integrity and boldness. Please join the movement today!!!   — www.bribenigeria.com

Attitude Adjustment is a non-profit organisation that works for improving the quality of citizenship and human dignity globally. Attitude Adjustment is a global Initiative and a legal entity for; racistreport.org, and bribenigeria.com respectively. Attitude Adjustment has a structured framework of aligning its institutional objectives with the performance of its programmes. Attitude Adjustment websites aligns with the goal of making a measurable difference in the quality of Citizenship across the globe. It does this by adopting the strategy of empowering citizens using net-based platforms for recording the grassroots experiences of citizens.

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