To whom it may concern, We have set up an NGO in Lebanon called “Sakker El Dekkenne” (English: Close the Shop) and we are in the process of launching its activities very soon. Our vision is a society free of corruption where citizens understand their rights and are empowered to take action where those rights are trampled or ignored by those in power. The main purpose of the Sakker el Dekkene initiative is to promote a culture of integrity and good governance by raising awareness about the danger and cost of bribery and corruption, and by making politicians accountable to citizens and putting pressure on them to initiate change. This pressure will increase the sense of urgency among public servants who will have to recognise the problem of corruption, and address it in a concrete and constructive way. Building on this, we have a multi-tools and multidisciplinary campaign (website, call center, etc…) with the objectives of collecting data, raising awareness and engaging citizens in working toward a change.To achieve this, we aim to promote transparency and integrity by increasing public awareness of corruption, in all its guises, and setting up mechanisms to eradicate it from society. To do this we need to engage with all levels of the general public, by running guerilla campaigns and, crucially, setting up a website/app through which instances of corruption can be reported and archived, providing a foundation from which we can fight individual cases. We are interested in setting up partnerships with other websites with similar aims and policies, and I would appreciate if you could get back to me about how we might achieve that. Rather than take on this burden alone, I believe it would be in everybody’s interest if we were to create synergies, increase awareness of each other’s campaigns and successes and engage in the active sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience. Best,Patrick Thompson

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for contacting, unfortunately, you forgot to leave your email address with us. We are willing to collaborate and partner with your organisation. Could you please send us your proposal at: and please include your contact details and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards, Team

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