We would like to start a petition to be signed on-line with regards to the funds and assets seized from James Ibori. We want the British authority to retain the funds here use it to create small business loans etc for Nigerians here. It is due to criminals like this man we have problems here where our youths with bright idea and future end up cleaning toilets and sweeping the floors here with enough publicity the British Authority will look into the matter. Such actions would bring desired result. This could be an online petition the success of this sort of programme cannot be over emphazized

Hi, we agree with you, if you have not already created the petition, please let us know and we can create one and work with you and your group on this. Bribenigeria.com thinks that fund and assets seized from Ibori if returned back to Nigeria will end up in the pockets of corrupt politicians.

However, we are suggesting that the funds be rather used to setup scholarships for citizens of Delta State who wants to study in the UK, The British Council, Nigeria can set up a steering committee or working group to manage this applications from Delta State citizens in Nigeria and liaising with UK universities for admissions. Just our take, what do you think?

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