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Build, Operate and Transfer Nigeria

By SIMON KOLAWOLE, Email: Dearly beloved Nigerians, I have a number of proposals today that may interest you. Or upset you. One, I respectfully propose that we concession the Niger Delta to the Netherlands for 17 years. Do not change the revenue allocation formula. Do not increase the derivation formula; retain it at 13%.

On corruption

I met a South Korean in Hong Kong many years ago in a conference. He said his consulting practice is set up based on Christian Standard and i asked why not professional ethics and norms. He said because of high level corruption in South Korea. I read few days ago on BBC news the allegation


GMB began his anti-corruption drive way back in 1983. Babangida and his retinue of military and civilian corruption Capones ensured he was sabotaged. That Buhari survived his enemies intended annihilation remains a miracle. A miracle IBB et al, wished they had ensured never happened. Didn’t Yar’ adua, Abacha, Abiola, etc, all die in less than

Peter Obi’s speech: Much ado about what?

Thursday with Abimbola Adelakun, A former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, got social media aroused after he gave a speech at The Platform 2016, a programme organised by Covenant Christian Centre on Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary. Obi demonstrated that corruption is intractable because it subsists on the machinery of daily governance. He also

Making ‘Africa Rising’ a Reality in Nigeria

By Muhammadu Buhari Until a few years ago, Africa Rising was a dominant theme in conversations about the global economy. That enthusiasm has since cooled, so that in newsrooms and think tanks and conference panels, “Africa Rising!” has given way to a more questioning “Africa Rising?” While some of that pessimism may be justified, we do

Patience Jonathan’s cash: Houseboy, driver’s names used to open $15m accounts

Dame Patience Jonathan Eniola Akinkuotu, Abuja The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested four domestic servants, including a driver and a houseboy, whose names were used to open bank accounts for Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan, the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan. Sources within the anti-graft agency said on Sunday that the companies’ accounts

Corruption is a tough addiction to break, says Trevor Manuel

BY STAFF WRITER Trevor Manuel. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON A LIFE lived on “ill-gotten” gains is harder to ditch than drug addiction‚ former finance minister Trevor Manuel said on Tuesday. In a series of podcasts and video clips aired by Eyewitness News‚ Manuel said of the issue of state capture and corruption: “We are [at a]

Diezani forfeits N4.8b Abuja houses to govt

Diezani forfeits N4.8b Abuja houses to govt By: Yusuf Allion Diezani_Alison-Madueke EFCC detectives probe five choice assets in Port Harcourt Detectives have been deployed in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, in the ongoing probe of former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke. Of interest are five choice houses believed to be Mrs. Alison-Madueke’s.

Fuel Subsidy Gulps $35bn Spent In 5 Years, Say Ex-NNPC Director

By Ebriku John Friday A former acting group executive director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Tim Okon, has revealed that Nigeria spent an estimated $35bn as subsidy on petroleum products out of the $300bn earned from crude oil from 2010 and 2014. This is just as experts from the oil sector have

Naija police …

“The situation is worse on the roads where people drive with impunity and ignore traffic signs. In fact, people who observe the traffic rules put your life in danger. Driving an expensive car is a licence to use your mobile phone while driving. The policeman is afraid of the big man.” If you survive a

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