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Anti-corruption website pop up in Nigeria

Tell us your bribe story today….. Corruption is an endemic disease that has eaten up every facet of the Nigerian society. Together we can defeat the worst enemy that have crippled our nation, reduced our citizens to poverty and deprived our nation of any development. If you have paid a bribe recently or in the past in

A systemic approach to reducing corruption in Nigeria

Welcome to A systematic approach to reducing corruption in Nigeria. Causes of corruption in Nigeria 1. Weak Government institutions 2. Poor pay incentives 3. Lack of openness and Transparency in public service 4. Absence of key anti corruption tools 5. Ineffective political processes 6. Culture and acceptance of corruption by the populace 7. Absence

Corruption and Personal Accountability in Nigeria

HOW TO CURB CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA BY: KALI GWEGWE Published April 20th, 2010 Apart from the game of football, one other thing that unites Nigerian citizens is the war against corruption. It has been generally accepted that corruption is evil and responsible for the nation’s gross underdevelopment. With the high amount of human and material

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