From Concern Staff Federal Polytechnic Bali Taraba State

We the concern staff of federal polytechnic Bali, Taraba State wish to draw the attention to come to our aid and expose the illegal pension deduction done in the institution. The deduction is normally done at the source and goes to PENCOM before it goes to various custodian like sigma, premium pension e.t.c but still they deduct and put it in a separate account.

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  1. Amila Gihan says:

    I’m Amila Gihan. I’m from Sri Lanka.
    Sir… last year (26/12/2013) I sent a mobile phone to a person who live in Westafrica. His name is Bala Rabe… I will tell everything..

    I had a mobile I had to sell it. so I’m founding a real buyer.. after that I found a person who live in America. His name is Smith Nicholas. Mr Nicholos said that the phone send with Mr Bala rabe. So I trusted them.. They were been as my good friends. So I trusted them more than my country people. I said i want $ 195 for that phone. But Mr.Nicholos promised me that he give me $ I trusted them.

    after that I send the phone to Mr Bala Rabe.. so It received during 20 days.So I was very happy. but after thay block me. I cant text them. I were cheated by them. I’m worried about that. I didn’t want make angry with them. I tried to understand them.. But thay didin’t care about it..shit…

    I will send every shipment letters and everything.. Now I want to questioning Mr Rabe. I want to know now where is the phone.. Mr Rabe know the person who live in America..I want his information. I should have to complain about him to america..

    I’m not a rich guy sir.. So i have lot of problems. I’m in a trouble sir. thats why I desire sell the phone.please don’t let them leave. I want your help sir..
    I will give every information about Mr Rabe bala. Please ask him whats the home address of Mr Nicholas. Help me sir.. I wish a good answer sir.

    This is his information..

    Name : Bala Rabe
    Address : 7 adenle str, shofunde bus stop Agege Lagos
    Country : Nigeria
    State : Lagos
    City Ikeja
    Phone number : 08021241416

    I’ll send the delivery report photo with this.. If you want check this site

    My Reference Number is – RF005874133LK

    Thank you..

    Please help me sir.. Don’t give up this sir.. I beg you.. catch both them. reply me sir.. I’m waiting your reply sir.

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