Bribe at the Airport

I am a Belgian citizen and my profession, is professor at the university of Antwerp.I went by plane with my 2 children to Nigeria to visit my family in law. When we arrived at the Lagos airport at the arrival department a man with a badge on his shirt asked us to help with the luggage. I told him we don\'t need any help. From the moment our luggage arrived the same person came back and picked our luggage without asking. He refused to give it back and told me I have to do what he\'s saying or I will regret everything. Me and my two sons followed the guy and while we were walking he starts asking me for money. I told him once again I don\'t need his help and I don\'t have money. He replied if I don\'t give any money I will end up in jail together with my children. At the end I took some money out of the luggage but it was not enough, I had to pay him at least €200,-. My kids were crying and this guy kept on pushing me to hand over more money, I was completely shocked!! At the end I gave him the money. We walked further to the exit. When we passed some officers the man said it\'s okay he payed money. We passed 4 different officers, even the highest officers in the airport asked for how much the European (me) had paid, at that time I was even more shocked. Every officer up to the highest officer are inside this airport is corrupted, they are even themselves into
this blackmail and bribing system. Is this how Nigeria treats their tourists and family members???
I am ashamed for this corrupted people who supposed to welcome you in their country. How much money did they put in their own pockets while lots of Nigerians are suffering these days??
My name is Frank Van Looveren. I will recognize this people if this can help. My email :

Amount Paid
200 Naira
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