Falsely accused of traffic violation

My dad, cousin and I were accused by corrupted traffic officers of violating a traffic law because we made a right turn on red light in the area of ilupeju. The officer forced himself in the back of the car and made us go to an impound lot and tried luring my dad 55,000 naira! Trying to lie saying that money goes to the government, they haven\\\'t even given us the ticket and they kept insisting on the cash or else they would deflate our ties. Eventually the owner of the impound lot came and said we should get our car away, but once we left the same thieves chased us In taxis and forced us to pay the sum. We eventually paid them 25,000 naira for them to let us go. Contact me at jeff2ola@hotmail.com if you want me to identify the officer

Amount Paid
25000 Naira
Date Paid
Office Location
Impound lot
Bribe Type
Motor vehicles department

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