Forced to pay extortion money or else….

@@@###$$$… continue my saga…..

The previous post appeared that I paid N30 as an extortion. I wrote I paid extra USD$30 and entered on this website but it take it as Niara… so using what I got from exchange rate of USD$1= N350 what I had paid as extortion money would be N10500

Now continuing with my story:

As I wait for my 2 luggage bag to appear on the carousel, another bag came and stand beside me. He was not in uniform but had a photo badge hang on his neck. As I quickly grab my bag from the carousel bag he quickly (forcefully) stuck his hand a quick half second before me onto the handle of the bag from the carousel. I though he was being polite and helpful for a foreign visitor. He put the bag on the floor and continue to grab the second bag. Both of my bags are of the same type, same size and same color and he saw my gesture of trying to pick up the second bag from the carousel, he did the same thing to rush to grab the bag before I do.

I said Thank you and proceed to pull the bag trying to leave the area. However, he stopped me and asked me to pay. Now knowing that this is another extortion, I gave USD2 out of my pocket. He grabbed it and walk away fast.

As I walk towards the Nothing to declare Green sign, another man with no uniform and no badge hanging come to me. He said to me” Sir, let me carry you bags”. I said “No”. He then said “the Immigration will open your bags”. I said “No problem let them open the bag”. He said, “ give me two thousands and you bags would not be opened”. I said”No”. He then left me.

I continued to walk 10 meter towards the sign of “Nothing to declare”. There were three airport officers, two women and a man. All of them in government uniform.

The larger size women officer asked me, “Where do you come from?”
She asked, “For what purpose?”
I said, “Business”
She asked, “What is in the bag”
I said” full of clothings, business suit, shoes, coffee powder, and business documents.
She said, “do you know that you can not bring food into Nigeria”.
I said, “Coffee is not food”.

She said, “You have to pay a penalty for that. Give me twenty dollar and I let you go”.

Before I came I checked on the official Nigeria Custom webpage, it shown that no mosquito net, preserved fruit and knive can bring in the luggage. However, this is another clear cut extortion.
I know I cannot fight this. Being in the open and she with 2 other officers, they can have all kind of excuses to look for trouble. So, I said, “ I do not have twenty dollar but I have ten dollar.”
She said, “OK. Ten dollar. Don’t let other people see you give me money”.

So, I discreetly pass the money to her. I am an unwilling participant, I am forced to give this extortion money. The big sign is posted on the wall that Nigeria is fighting corruption and bribe…. But I am in no position to fight.

So, I lost $2 to the bag grabber and $10 to Custom officer. This come to N4200.
Well, what can I say? I am in the palm of the hand of the system and can be crushed.

Amount Paid
4200 Naira
Date Paid
Office Location
Murtala Muhammed Airport
Bribe Type

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