Shocker! Kano Governor, Ganduje caught pants-down in another bribery video

Watch video below: Another shocking video has emerged showing the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, in black Kaftan, collecting bribe in wads of dollars from a contractor. Gov Ganduje threatens court action over bribe video Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje The video which has sparked outrage on social media has got many calling for the impeachment of the Governor. Second batch of ‘bribe’ videos surfaces, as Ganduje sues publisher Recall that two of similar videos had, before now, been released by the Editor-In-Chief of Daily Nigerian, Jaafar Jaafar, wherein the Governor was shown collecting bribes in dollars and stuffing the wads of money in his white “Agbada” also known as “babariga” cloth. However, the governor had denied the videos, saying they were photo shopped. Mr. Jafar had, las week, honoured the invitation of the Kano State House of Assembly investigating the bribery scandal, where he tendered many other video clips showing the Governor collecting bribes from contractor. Although the previous video had no audio, the recent and trending one has the audio voice of the governor requesting for bribe from contractor.

The video which has interpretations in words claimed the Governor collected over two hundred million naira. The video shows the Governor darting his eyes, perhaps towards the door every now and then to ensure nobody was coming in. The video also showed the happy governor pack the money into a paper bag under his table just as the names of contractors, the contracts and those who have either paid or were yet to pay up their bribes to him mentioned in the video. However, reports say Mr. Jafar has denied authorizing the release of the recent video. According to him, “I swore an oath with the Holy Quran before tendering the several videos at the Kano State Assembly and I could not have been responsible for the current video trending on social media. Therefore Daily Nigerian did not release any other video after the appearance before lawmakers,” Mr Jaafar was quoted by PRNigeria as saying. Watch the video:
Watch the video:


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