The registry charged me more than double because I\'m American and they are all in on it.

I was very excited to return home to my people especially to marry the love of my life. But my excitement quickly turned into depression as my fiance and I proceeded to tie the knot and seal our love for each other. When calling for info on speciaľľl marriages here I received information that the marriage would cost us ~32,000 Naira. But after arriving and presenting my US passport the costs quickly escalated. This has continued to happen to me with every Federal and State entity that I have needed in order to stabilise myself in this country. It has caused my husband and I a great deal of pain and stress as I am considered poor just as my fellow Nigerian counterparts. I came to the country with about $300 cash in my bank account and with the promises of my fiance that he would do whatever it takes to take good care of me and he and his family too are poor people but have managed to do an exceptional job. My hope is that Nigeria and Nigerians will somehow began to stabilise themselves soon so that our people abroad will continue to return home and work together to build ourselves as a people. And somehow educate themselves on the struggles of black Americans and their struggles in order to rebuild us.

Amount Paid
65000 Naira
Date Paid
Office Location
Federal Marriage Registry Ikoyi
Bribe Type
Government Ministry & Establishment

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