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What are the causes of corruption

What are the causes of corruption in Nigeria

HOW DO WE STOP THE CORRUPT  PRACTICE OF GENERATING FALSE INTERVIEW SCORES? It kills the system yet its very rampant in the Civil Service! This no doubt, its an entrenched form of corruption.  INEC only conducted exam while the interview was just to sight the documents of those that passed to see if they were genuine. This seriously eliminated corrupt practices. OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY Teaching Hospital in the South West, recently conducted a recruiting test for a number of vacancies. The Test involved Written and Oral Interview. As their usual practice, they dont tamper with exam scores but its only at the Oral Interview stage that they start their Corrupt practices! Candidates who passed very well in the exams usually failed at the interview while their preferred candidate who scored low marks in the exam, usually did ‘very well’ at the Oral Interview! And YES, its the Oral Interview that will be used to determine who they admit! This has ALWAYS been the scenario at OAUTHC under Professor Adejuyigbe and  his Wife! How does one go about fighting this?

When victims of human traffic who have been in Europe come back to Nigeria, which cannot go back to their family because of safety issues and have no social network in any other part of Nigeria, and they look for shelter by NAPTIP, are they really getting microfinancial support and rehabilitation for finding a job? will it mostly succeed , and will they find a job? and is NAPTIP trustworthy on this issue?

What are the effect of corruption

Causes of corruption

What are poltical cause of corruption in Nigeria ?

We think it’s lack of solid Judicial system to punish political crimes as well as lack of proper systems and leadership structure to check corruption. If corrupt politicians can be held accountable for their crimes and punished accordingly, others will learn.

THE POOR, THE VICTIM OF OUR LAWS Laws should be made for the comprehensive growth of any country. Visionary Leaders make stringent laws for their country according to the peculiarities of their country and in the quest to correct the stumbling blocks that hampers their country’s growth and development. Nigerian leaders have performed wonderfully in this regard. Remember, a death-Penalty was passed for Terrorism and was welcomed. Again, a death-Penalty was considered for Kidnapping, it was praised. Also, the third stumbling block our Nigerian leaders considered was Oil-theft and death-Penalty has been recommended. Kidnapping and Terrorism are social corruption, while Oil-theft is an economic sabotage and they have put a clog in the wheels of our growth and development as a country. So, these three god-forbidden sons (Terrorism, Kidnapping and Oil-Theft) deserve the laws considered for them. Am convinced to shout FOUL and it beats my imagination that their Progenitor, CORRUPTION Itself is still walking freely in the streets of our dear country, Allah Kiyaye! Perhaps, the mask of corruption is not worn by the poor of the society. Corruption is definitely perpetrated by our leaders, themselves who were and who are still decisive in the decision-making of our country. The so called leaders were not visionary to have noticed the impact of their actions (we all known as corruption) against our growth and development and still are yet not visionary and sensitive enough to have felt the impact of the Monster they created that now has three sons-Kidnapping, Terrorism and Oil-Theft that are to be killed while their Progenitor go scot-free, Tufiakwa! I believe that every problem has a solution, no matter how long it lasts. If the leaders refuse to come up with a death-Penalty on Corruption, the father of the three slain sons, now; then, they are simply inviting the masses to act, because Nigerians are fast losing confidence in them. Their refusal meant to a discerning mind that their hands are soiled in Corruption. No wonder they recite with impunity “those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones” I promise them that the masses will undauntedly revolt through a revolution which can take any shape and the so called leaders afterwards will regret what becomes of them because the revolution will be sweeping. Only then, will they realize that a stitch in time saves nine. Odor Michael Youth Activist

What are the problems of bribery and corruption in nigeria?

1.We are asking if the light given to Bayelsa state is a. Favour or a condition to use light? 2.Do we pay for what we don’t use or get? 3.Is it proper for them to condition us to pay ,yet no light and why must we pay only towards the month end and give us light for 4hours and expect us to pay bills? 4.What is the normal rate to pay for a 3bdrm flat,A store,one room,a room and parlour? 5.How much is the meter and PHCN sells it for N68,000 -N70,000 or they will say the don’t have. Please we are @the mercy of this officials of PHCN Bayelsa state…exspecially Azikoro. Town area.

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