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I am a Nigerian scammer. How can I begin to leave my corrupt ways?

Hi, Please try get your self some sort of education and or profession and try seeking for a paid job, there are also so many entrepreneurial possibilities in Nigeria that could aid you in putting food on the table. We humans can always prevail as long as we keep our selves focused and determined. Please focus your energy and thoughts for the great good and positive activities. Even though Nigeria has high level of unemployment, this is not an excuse for a scammer. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. Aristotle More Aristotle

To whom it may concern, My name is Nadine Merhi and I am contacting you from the Lebanese Transparency Association. I would like to know if you could provide me with some information pertaining to the “I Paid a Bribe” concept which you are applying in your country. I would like to know how did you first begin with the idea and what are the problems that you have encountered while implementing it. I would appreciate it if you could assist on this issue and supply us with some guidance. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Nadine

Hi Nadine Merhi, thank you for the interest shown on Your question will require a detailed and elaborate answer which we will prefer to be mailed to your email address. Please provide us with your email address and questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our email address is:

Many thanks again and hope to hear from you soon.


With ethnic differences in mind, tackle Nigeria’s offical corruption.

Nigerians regardless of ethnicity share the same fate in Official corruption. It is all about the evil which have engulfed our entire nation beyond any state or ethnicity and we must fight and tackle it with the same force and magnitude. Thank you for your question.

I have an issue with my Landlord on the manner of increase on the Accomodation rent and the apartment not meeting up with the amount of the increase. Is this an issue that can be handled by Public compliant commission? He has employed the service of a Lawyer to champion the increase.

Hi, yes, this is definitely and issue that could be handled with the public complaint commission. You can find the nearest one closest to you following the link on our main page at

Thank you for the interest shown on


Good day,Sir/Madam,i’m vry happy for this gr8t opporturnity giving to me lay my complaint 2 the hearing of our lawmaker’s….!For complete 2 times i’was befrauded by one of this SOCIAL NETWORK by name 2GO,how did this happen…i’have happen to subscribs to their interenet bondle twince yet no improvement,the only Charge me for service that the have not render…please i’need help…thanks….for more detail,i’ll be happy to leave my email address below thanks,and have a gr8tful day ahead.

Thank you for contacting Please email complaint with more details of the persons involved and with some evidence and we can push your complain further.

Regards, — Fighting Corruption in Nigeria!!

To Whom it may concern, I appreciate your effort in stopping corruption in Nigeria. Just recently, I’ve felt compelled to support this cause in Nigeria. How I plan on doing that is providing ethical professional developments in organizations wanting to end unethical practices in organizations of all facets. This is a fairly new idea of mine, so I am interested in hearing your thoughts and plans on fighting unethical practices in organizations. Thank you. Osen

Hi, Thank you for your question. We think that you should start by working side by side government ministries like Education, Interior Affairs (Police force etc) and other ministerial parastatals aligning your program with your ethical agenda. We think this education on ethics should be integrated in the syllabus of every school level or professional training in Nigeria. Please let us know if there is any other way we can help with a business development for this idea. Many thanks!

We would like to start a petition to be signed on-line with regards to the funds and assets seized from James Ibori. We want the British authority to retain the funds here use it to create small business loans etc for Nigerians here. It is due to criminals like this man we have problems here where our youths with bright idea and future end up cleaning toilets and sweeping the floors here with enough publicity the British Authority will look into the matter. Such actions would bring desired result. This could be an online petition the success of this sort of programme cannot be over emphazized

Hi, we agree with you, if you have not already created the petition, please let us know and we can create one and work with you and your group on this. thinks that fund and assets seized from Ibori if returned back to Nigeria will end up in the pockets of corrupt politicians.

However, we are suggesting that the funds be rather used to setup scholarships for citizens of Delta State who wants to study in the UK, The British Council, Nigeria can set up a steering committee or working group to manage this applications from Delta State citizens in Nigeria and liaising with UK universities for admissions. Just our take, what do you think? — Fighting Corruption in Nigeria!!

Hi,I am Tugberk Tanrisevdir from Turkey. I am on a research about Nigeria and Corruption. I have a couple of questions on my mind:*First of all, what does Nigerian Government do to stop corruption?*How does corruption affect the lives of Nigerians?Thank you for your interest

Hi Tugberk, Nigerian Government have a special anti-corruption agency called EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Comission) responsible for fighting economic crimes in Nigeria. As already stated on the main page of our website:

“Corruption is an endemic disease that has eaten up every facet of the Nigerian society. Together we can defeat the worst enemy that have crippled our nation, reduced our citizens to poverty and deprived our nation of any sustainable development.” and this is the effects of bribery and corruption on Nigeria’s economy.

How much does it cost to get the new driving license class E?

Hi, Am sorry this is not a question for bribe Nigeria. I encourage you to contact relevant authorities in Nigeria for answer. Have a good week and welcome back again.

Admin —

Why did you start with Edo State when most corrupt Nigerians are Ibos and the Hausa’s? You should try to do things objectively evoid of prejudice and discrimination.Remove the RAFTER in you Eyes and then you can see very clear to remove the straw in another person;s eyes the bible admonished you leonard.

Hi, I am not sure what you so referred to as starting with Edo state. There are too much information on this site about Bribery and corruption. The aim or goal is not to target any particular individuals, group, state or ethnic group. This is a public forum and if you have any evidence of bribery and or corruption in Nigeria you are free to post or upload your evidence. This methodology is not selective, this website belongs to the Nigerian people.

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