UNPAID Salary by 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital kaduna

Thank you for your prompt response, I don’t mind you publishing this in your website. This will help other people not to fall into the hands of these cheats.

I am Grateful to God for this online forum to lodge complaints: I was paid all along together with the the other interns. The director then promised that they would pay us everything in areas before the completion of our internship. I had left the place before they started paying. But it was to my surprise that they dint pay me, infact my name was deleted from the pay roll, while every other persons were paid duly. I had tried to talk with the director, but he wouldn’t give me

I worked with them for good 2 years, yet they wouldn’t pay me my salary. I did my internship in 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital kaduna, it is under Division 1. The director when I started was Maj.Gen (Name withheld), who was later promoted to the Medical corp Commandant in Borny Camp, Lagos. It was now the new director towards the end of my internship, Brig.Gen (Name withheld) that is denying me of my salary. My accumulated salary is worth over 2 Million naira.

The other person working closely with Brig.Gen (Name withheld) to cheat me is Col. (Name withheld) who is the Chief Clinician and Head of O&G department of the hospital.

As soon as I get to Lafia, I wud scan and send copies of relevant
documents to you. God bless u as u choose to defend people like me.
(Bribenigeria.com will release the full stories with names as soon as we verify the information).

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  1. Professor Edwin Scott Asemora says:

    I have launched Diaspora Counter Corruption Global Scouts to link up authentic international platforms and draw the world attention and
    help correct injustice and abuse of human rights through corruption in Nigeria.
    Send more details to me so we can file them also with President Buhari counter corruption special commission headed by Professor Itse Sagay
    I’ m former Physician Consultant, US military global care command serving Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, then headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.