Fighting corruption in Nigeria!!!

Corruption is an endemic disease that has eaten up every facet of the Nigerian society. Together we can defeat the worst enemy that have crippled our nation, reduced our citizens to poverty and deprived our nation of any sustainable development.

Most Recent Bribe Stories

Natforce collect money frm me to give me a job

Am looking for job and someone call me to come, when I got there, they said I will pay that jonathan will soon sign

I was ambushed by the police as they tried to robbed me of my van sales and household items I shipped to Nigeria

I was ambushed by the police as they tried to robbed me of my van sales and household items I shipped to Nigeria. Luckily

Happened yesterday in Owerri:

Happened yesterday in Owerri: My husband was on his way to the hospital, as police took his okada away from him, claiming he shouldn't

Passport office

This is a very sad story to tell, I can say not necessary bribe but scam from immigration officer called Gawan Dodo inside passport

BRIBE by a reporter

YOU are already asking for bribe by placing DONATE on your web page. remove it people will believe you Share: Blog this! Recommend on

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With your little support we can take the movement forward to re-make history in Nigeria.

Top 5 Cities

Total Bribe Reports 87

  • Lagos 39 (100%)
  • Abuja 13 (33%)
  • Port Harcourt 8 (21%)
  • Aba 4 (10%)
  • Akure 4 (10%)

Fighting Corruption in Nigeria!!

The time is now! Lets go Nigeria!!

Partners and Volunteers Wanted!!! is seeking legal practitioners and lawyers, as volunteers in an efforts to prevent and combat corruption in Nigeria and to protect the rights of the ordinary Nigerian citizens against intimidation and forced bribery. BribeNigeria provides legal and policy advice on corruption matters and corruption cases, and helps defend victims of bribe cases in Nigeria. We also welcome other forms of partnerships: media, public relations, government institutions, organisations and individuals willing to join our movement. Email: info(@)


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